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FLOTU (Fluidization Laboratory of Tsinghua University) is the abbreviation of the Reaction Engineering Laboratory of the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University. It is named for its contribution to the field of fluidization engineering and scientific research. In the past 20 years of research in the past, with Jin Yong led by academician FLOTU research group has become the world's important fluidization research base and Engineering Development Center; and the domestic and foreign famous reaction engineering teaching and research center. In order to promote the development of the subject, the new disciplines such as powder engineering, green chemical engineering and technology have been introduced and developed one after another, forming a new situation of combining engineering research with process research.
Talent is the most important factor in the success of scientific research. In the Yangtze River scholar, Professor Wei Fei under the leadership of the FLOTU team has the Academy of engineering, 1 professors, 7 professors, 5 associate, postdoctoral certain people, of which 38 of the young people accounted for 70%, the composition of the teaching and research team full of youthful spirit. In the past, the teachers and students in the laboratory were divided into three groups: gas solid group, liquid solid group and powder group. Areas covered include energy, materials, environment, ecology, and related fields.

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